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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Effect of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Performance in National Level Shooters

By Shivam Dwivedi, Akshita Sekhon & Bhawana Chauhan

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as "tapping," is a relatively recent form of energy psychology that combines applied kinesiology with certain psychological principles to alleviate psychological distress in individuals. In this technique, the clients are required to softly touch their acupressure points (mostly on the head/hands) with their fingertips that is aligned to the voicing of specific statements (Craig, 2011). Recent researches have connoted the influence of EFT on various neurological, physiological, and epigenetic factors (Church, 2013). However, there is a dearth of literature that seeks to establish the effects of EFT on the physiological components such as blood pressure, heart rate or galvanic skin response, especially in the context of athletes. Hence, the present study seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of an EFT based intervention on the heart rate and blood pressure (circulatory system) and performance of 10m air pistol shooters. The sample for the given study comprises of National level shooters, aged between 16-17 years (N=14, Mean and S.D of 16.42 ± 0.51) who were randomly assigned to experimental (N=7) and active control group (N=7) conditions. The experimental group was then treated to a 3-week (2 sessions per week) EFT program while the active control was kept engaged through inspirational lecture by the coach for the same duration. For the purpose of assessment of the effect of EFT on circulatory system, measures of heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) were recorded, while for performance, the shot accuracy of the shooter was noted. Post intervention analysis of results indicated significant improvements in HR (-4.62% ,p=0.01), systolic BP (-3.6% ,p=0.001), diastolic BP (-5.16% ,p=0.004) and performance (+1.21% ,p=0.01) of the experimental group implying the effectiveness of EFT as a suitable intervention program for improved readings in heart rate and blood pressure (circulatory system) measures along with shooting performance (shot accuracy) of the athletes.

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