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Sports Psychologist & Research Scholar

  • Graduated from Amity University Haryana with the degree of BSc. Clinical Psychology

  • Post graduated from The National Sports University, India, with the Master's degree in sports psychology

  • Having experience of working as an intern at:
    Moolchand Hospital , New Delhi
    Sports Authority of India , New Delhi

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Sports Psychologist and Research Scholar

  • High-Performance Sport Psychology consultant to athletes and coaches, providing psychological skill training to athletes targeting their performance enhancement, motivational process, mental toughness, resilience, well-being, coping with pressure, injury, transition phases, stress, attention, focus, pre-competition anxiety, cognitive processes such as memory, decision-making, problem-solving, higher-order cognitive functioning in sports including cognitive fitness through workshops, webinars, online counseling, psychological testing, assessments, training, psychometrics, etc.

  • Co-founder of Indian sports psyche that caters to providing online psychological support to athletes who are part of the sports ecosystem in both individual and team sports

  • Counseling services for athletes’ psychological well-being, mental health, coping with transition phases, injury rehabilitation, performance downfall, performance plateau, burnout, positive psychology, etc

  • Specialization in Rational emotive behavioral therapy, Acceptance commitment therapy, Stress inoculation training, Cognitive fitness certification from Harvard health, behavioral science and currently training in Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy

  • Researcher and scholar in the field of sports psychology discipline with published work in the International Journal of Sports and Exercise Psychology in the field of stress inoculation training along with collaborative research work with senior sports psychologists

  • Experience of supervised training at SAI, human performance lab at JLN stadium, IG indoor stadium in various applied facets of sports psychology-based research, designing mental training programs for athletes, counseling, conducting SWOT analysis, biofeedback training, imagery, and visualization training, administering VTS, neurotracker, MCTSIB, etc.

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